Pembinaan Rohani Warga Kristen di Perumahan Vila Bukit Tidar, Merjosari, Malang

  • Harmoko Samodra Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Kharisma Bandung
  • Ferry Simanjuntak Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Kharisma Bandung
  • Roike Kowal Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Yestoya Malang


Spiritual formation is something that is very necessary for the spiritual growth of every believer. Data obtained by the author, the Bukit Tidar Villa housing complex, Merjosari Malang Village, is inhabited by nearly 300 families, in which there are around 27 families who are Christians. And after all this time there has been no spiritual service for Christians who live there. This is what underlies the author to pioneer a ministry as spiritual guidance for Christians in the Bukit Tidar Villa housing complex. The method used is a case study, in which the author pioneered services which are held every Sunday. Starting with only family members attending, with the passage of time now around 20-25 people have attended the service every Sunday. Until now, the author still uses a private house as a place of worship. It is the hope and prayer of the author, that one day a church house of worship will be built in the Vila Bukit Tidar Housing Complex, Merjosari Village, Malang, so that more souls can be served or nurtured spiritually.


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Samodra, H., Simanjuntak, F., & Kowal, R. (2023). Pembinaan Rohani Warga Kristen di Perumahan Vila Bukit Tidar, Merjosari, Malang. Diakoneo: Journal of Community Service , 1(1), 19-25.